Fillings Grand Rapids Mi Pediatric Dentist

If your child has a toothache, it’s time to call Pediatric Dentistry of Michigan. Dr. Kim and his team will examine the inside of your child’s mouth and take X-rays to diagnose the source of your child’s pain. Dr. Kim may recommend fillings to restore teeth with small cavities.

A Kid-Friendly Environment

As a pediatric dental office, we always maintain a kid-friendly environment. This means that we won’t say words like “pain,” “shot,” or “needles” during your child’s appointment. Instead, Dr. Kim and his team will explain the fillings procedure in a way that’s non-threatening and easy for your child to understand.

Our goal is to always help your child feel safe and comfortable in the dental chair.

What Your Child Can Expect

First, we’ll give your child a local anesthetic to numb the tooth and adjacent tissue. Next, we’ll remove the decayed tooth structure and fill the hole with composite resin. Dr. Kim will then harden the resin so the filling is secure in your child’s tooth.

Composite resin matches the natural color and translucency of your child’s natural teeth. This is different from amalgam fillings, which are silver.

Laughing Gas is an Option

Does your child feel anxious about being in the dentist’s chair? Dr. Kim may recommend laughing gas to help your child relax.

Laughing gas is a mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen that we administer through a little mask we’ll place on your child’s nose.

Not only is laughing gas completely safe, but it’s also fast to wear off. This is different from other types of sedation dentistry that may require you to supervise your child at home for the rest of the day after their appointment.

Request an Appointment

Dr. Wanki William Kim is a pediatric dentist in Grand Rapids, MI. As such, he offers fillings and other pediatric dental care to help your child maintain a healthy smile. To request an appointment with Dr. Kim, call Pediatric Dentistry of Michigan at (616) 447-7900.