Laughing Gas

Laughing Gas Grand Rapids Mi Pediatric Dentist

Dr. Kim may recommend laughing gas (a mild form of sedation) to help your child feel more relaxed in the dentist’s chair. As a pediatric dental practice, our primary concern is making sure your child always feels safe and comfortable while receiving treatment.

We can provide laughing gas for any procedure, from teeth cleanings to placing dental crowns. Dr. Kim and his staff will tailor your child’s treatment plan to his or her specific needs.

What Your Child Can Expect

During your child’s appointment, we’ll place a little mask on their nose that supplies oxygen mixed with nitrous oxide (laughing gas).

As the name suggests, laughing gas can sometimes make patients feel giddy or cause them to giggle. But other than that, there are no side effects of laughing gas after we remove the nasal mask.

Is Laughing Gas Safe?

Laughing gas is completely safe and is only in your child’s system while in use. We turn off the nitrous oxide at least 5 minutes prior to your child leaving our chair and give them oxygen only. There will be no nitrous oxide left in your child’s system when they leave the treatment room.

Since laughing gas is fast to wear off, your child will be able to return to their normal routine after their appointment. This is different from other types of sedation dentistry that would require you to keep your child at home and supervise them for the rest of the day until the effects of the sedation wear off.

Laughing gas is fast-acting but also leaves the body quickly with no lingering side effects.

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Dr. Kim and the rest of his team will do everything they can to help your child feel comfortable and safe in the dentist’s chair. This includes offering laughing gas as an option.

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